Verifying a home’s ability to withstand wind is crucial. You can protect your investment and your family’s safety during severe weather by ensuring your house can endure heavy winds. Homeowners’ insurance premiums can be lowered by verifying wind mitigation. To what extent a place can survive strong winds depends on its age, location, and building style, among other things. Consult residential home inspectors from Tier One Inspections to determine if your house is as good as required by wind mitigation standards. If it does not, they can give precise advice on how homeowners might make their homes more valuable.


What Is Wind Mitigation?

Wind mitigation inspection incorporates elements into your property that assist it in resisting or enduring severe winds induced by a large storm or hurricane.


Why Is Wind Mitigation Inspection New Port Richey, FL 34653 Important?

  • Savings

The Division of Emergency Management estimates that the probability of wind damage accounts for 15% to 70% of the cost of homeowners’ insurance in the state of Florida. Investing in measures to reduce the effects of wind on your property will need some up-front money but can save you a lot more in the end.

  • Safety

Storm proofing your house can help keep your loved ones safe from harm during dangerous storms and can save you money. Reduce the hazard to your family by installing hurricane shutters on your windows and hurricane straps on your roof to prevent flying debris from entering your home.


Wind Mitigation Techniques

  • Dams And Other Water Restrictions

Weatherproofing the roof deck or the layer between the principal structure and the insulation is essential if roofing shingles are blown off the roof by high winds or flying debris. This not only makes your home more comfortable but also makes it more energy efficient by adding another layer of insulation.

  • Roof To Floor Fixing

Establish a continuous load path by reinforcing your home’s walls to the roof and the foundation. As a result, your home’s exterior will be better suited to withstand hurricane-force winds.

  • Wall and Window Treatments

Many solutions exist to lessen the damage that high winds and flying debris can inflict on your windows and other openings. Shatter-resistant windows and storm shutters are common choices. Large garage doors, in particular, should be hurricane-proofed. Existing garage doors might have extra support added to them.

  • Conducting Wind Mitigation Inspection

This inspection is typically required to identify which tax credits apply to a residence. During a wind mitigation assessment, qualified residential house inspectors near me look for critical features and additions that limit the amount of damage your home could sustain during a hurricane or severe windstorm.

If you are interested in obtaining a windstorm inspection, we can offer you the contact information of certified wind mitigation inspectors. Call us immediately!