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T1ER ONE INSPECTIONS provides Home Inspections, Wind Mitigation Verifications and Four Point Insurance Surveys. See below for more information on each of the services we offer.


Home Inspections

Whether you are in the process of buying or selling a home, T1ER ONE INSPECTIONS will provide you with exceptional home inspection services in and around the Tampa Bay area.

Buying a home is the biggest investment that most people will make in their lifetime. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes made during the buying process is not ensuring that a home inspection is performed by a licensed and qualified Home Inspector. Saving $80 on a quality home inspection can land you with a $10,000 repair bill.

T1ER ONE INSPECTIONS are fully licensed in the state of Florida, and completed the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) School.

Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection

Saving money on your home owner’s insurance can only be a good thing. That is why it is important you give your insurance company an up-to-date Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection report.

A Wind Mitigation or “Wind Mit” shows your insurance company how your home is built to withstand the forces of hurricane strength winds and wind-borne debris. Having an up-to-date Wind Mit on file with your insurance company can save you hundreds of dollars in premium costs.

Wind Mits are valid for five years, after which your premium can increase without warning. It is recommended that you have a Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection performed prior to obtaining home insurance, after upgrading to impact rated doors or windows or after your roof has been replaced.

Four Point Insurance Inspection

Some insurance companies require what is known as a Four Point Insurance Inspection or “Four Point” before they will insure a home.

Typically homes 30 years and older will require a Four Point Inspection. Some insurance companies will require the completion of a Four Point regardless of the age of the home.

A Four Point Inspection is not as in-depth or detailed as a full general home inspection. Insurance companies are only concerned with the four major systems:

  • Roof
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

HUD Compliance Certification / Permanent Foundation Certifications​

A HUD engineering foundation inspection is:
To conduct a structural inspection for determining:

• If the MFD home is permanently tied down, and
• That the home would not float off the piers or foundation,
• That the drainage of the house will not flood the crawlspace or basement.

Home Inspection Report

All inspection reports are provided to our clients via an email link to a PDF file. The report can be either viewed online, or downloaded and printed. All reports are usually sent the same day, but always within 24 hours.

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