One aspect of a home-buying process to remember when house hunting is the need for a home inspection. Tier One Inspections offers services available for you to arrange if the need arises, including a thorough examination, an inspection for wind mitigation, and others. However, the 4-point home inspection is the most prevalent and fundamental form of inspection. Any buyer should have a 4-point inspection done by our experts for various reasons, as mentioned below.


To Ensure That You Purchase A Fully Functional Property

We provide a thorough overview of a building’s four primary systems via our 4-point home inspection.

  • Cooling, heating, and ventilation systems (HVAC).
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Roof Inspection.
  • Plumbing.

If any other major, visible problems arise, our inspectors will note them. Think about how important the following four household systems are:

  • The roof is the only barrier between the outside elements and the structure’s interior.
  • It is unacceptable to have a fire risk due to faulty electrical systems.
  • Your home will be unpleasant if you do not have a reliable HVAC system.
  • Plumbing issues are among the most dreaded by homeowners.

Four Point Inspection For Insurance New Port Richey, FL 34653

Although your state may not mandate it, a 4-point insurance inspection is usually necessary to qualify for homeowners insurance. That is the second primary consideration that should convince you not to miss this stage.

This could lower your monthly payments to some extent, but its primary purpose is to increase your chances of being accepted by the insurance company. In addition to the financial risk you would be taking on if you did not have homeowner’s insurance, your mortgage lender will likely insist you get it.

Someone may wonder, “What if the house does not pass the 4-point inspection?” No, properly speaking, this is not an exam with only two possible outcomes (pass or fail). However, severe issues with the roof, HVAC, electrical, or plumbing systems may need to be fixed to receive homeowner’s insurance.


A Four-Point Home Inspection Is Quick, Simple, And Cheap.

Even though a 4-point check is crucial, it does not take much time or effort to perform. Our qualified, licensed, and insured professionals can complete them daily. If you have a contract and have put down an earnest money deposit on the home, you are entitled to be present during our inspections.

Finally, it is essential to know that the average cost of a 4-point home inspection is between $50 and $100. With all the good they will do you, that is a small price. Furthermore, if you decide to switch house insurance carriers within the next three years, a 4-point inspection will still be valid.

If you want information on 4-point inspections or a free, no-obligation estimate for a 4-point inspection or any other kind of home inspection in Florida, do not hesitate to contact Tire One Inspections now!